Monday, February 27, 2006

Workshop details at the Anarchist Bookfair

On Saturday the 5th of March there will be a series of workshops designed to inform, educate and involve. Across a variety of issues, topics and areas where non-hierarchical and autonomous practices have been crucial in helping create and sustain positive change, the workshops will create a different forum than meetings, with a more practical and participatory feel. Please note that some may have limited numbers so enable effective participation

These workshop include

12.00 - 1.00
Saving Iceland and Resisting Corporate greed. Global campaigns of direct action
This workshop is the first of a series of European workshops to highlight the high levels of local and international resistance to the massive degradation of livelihood and natural landscape for the benefit of private corporations. The workshop aims to look at strategies of active resistance from those involved in this ongoing and growing campaign.

Rossport Solidarity Camp. This will be a practical based workshop, describing the role of the solidarity camp, set up in June 2005, within the shell to sea campaign. It will include advise to all those who would like to get involved or help out in any way, to the upkeep of the camp. All are welcome, you don't need to be an "expert", everyone can take part in this, most people who have been on the camp have had as their previous sum total of camping experience the occasional trip to the likes of Witness. Many also have had no previous experience of campaigning.

Anti War Organising.
This workshop will focus on the somewhat disparate and quite limited state of anti war activity currently in Ireland. The fact that a handful of individuals are doing a hell of a lot to highlight the continued use of Shannon by the US in there continued illegal occupation of Iraq. It aims to look forward to helping create a sustainable hub of active resistance, learning from past endeavours and honestly exploring nodes of cooperation, increasing meaningful public participation in anti war activity.

Popular Education
This workshop introduces the ideas and methods of popular education, skill shares ideas for giving workshops and discusses how we can use radical education within social movements and local campaigns. We hope to include
- Mapping popular education globally
- Popular education in action- methods in the madness
- Skill sharing exchange. Dealing with difficult topics and keeping workshops interesting.

We hope to make this workshop an opportunity to learn from and share practical experiences. If you have any idea’s, do’s or donts for workshops, games or activities please feel free to come along and share them.

BODY is a diverse group of young pro-choice activists that are campaigning for safe and legal abortion services in Ireland launched today. BODY stands for bold open decisive youth. This workshop looks at many of the issues around abortion, with a fresh and radical perspective, in an inclusive environment.

So if any of these workshops tickle your fancy please come along and take part. Between these, other meetings and discussion, all day film screening and many diverse stalls and info points were sure that there is something you will enjoy.

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