Saturday, February 18, 2006

North American Anarchist Speaking at the bookfair

In recognition of the fact that anarchism is a truly international movement, Dave from NEFAC (the North Eastern Federation of Anarcho Communists) will talk about his experience of organising and fill us in on the state of the anarchist movement in North America. NEFAC are an anarchist communist group that are heavily involved in union and anti war work as well as having played a major role in organising some of the first “anti globalisation” demonstrations.

A speaker from the WSM will also give a brief summary of the past few years of the anarchist movement in Ireland.

We hope that this session will allow us to learn from the experiences of others, spot common difficulties faced by our movement and to help us overcome them.

The talk will be held from 3.30 -4.30 in the Red Room

You can find out more information about NEFAC on their webpage here

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